Hello fellow makers! I am Alisha, the sole Indie dyer behind Sprigs and Stone. I have been a knitter going on six years now, and love all things handmade! 

I started this yarn company with a mission; to provide other makers with yarns that truly spark that whirlwind of creative thoughts inside. That will invigorate, and inspire crafting ideas, and will ultimately provide you with lasting and wearable garments.

All of my colorways will have stemmed from some form of real life experience. Yarn hand dyed to emulate life. Whether that be matching a bouquet of flowers from my local Saturday market, to the imminent sunset that paints the sky overhead. I am constantly taking in all of the inspiration that surrounds me every day. Taking it in, dreaming, and translating the outcome onto yarn that you perform magical crafting with.

I am currently working on adding more yarn bases that I will plan to carry in higher volumes, through the colder months ahead.

The only thing I love more than dyeing beautiful yarns, is getting to see what amazing creations you all make with them! 

Please tag me on Instagram at #sprigsandstoneyarn 

and / or Instagram handle @sprigsandstone so I can see all of your lovely makes!

Sprigs and Stone Yarn is now on Ravelry! I am so very excited to see all the amazing things you all make with these yarn babes!

Thank you again so very much for stopping by my little yarn shop. 

Hearts and happy making,